Melanotan 2


1 vial x 10mg

Starting dose:The first dosage should be fairly small, as little as 0.3mg in order to gauge the reaction of the user’s body. With increased dose first time user will deel warming ensation, flush in face and mild nausea, if these side effects occure dosage can be taken before going to bed, so any unpleasant effects take place while user is asleep. With regular use these side effects disapper and product can be taken at any tome of the day.

Loading dose:Loading is not absolutely necessary, it is only done to achieve results faster. Loading means taking doses more frequently to build up initial tan faster thus getting in tan maintenance mode sooner. Typical loading is done by taking 0.5mg once a day until desired skin tone is achieved. Loading dose can slightly vary from person to person, depending on skin type, bodyweight and other factors, but 0.5mg is pretty standard for most

Maintenance dose:Maintenance doses are taken once the desired pigmentation has been reached and requires much less frequent dosing. Unfortunately, this is where too many variables come into play to give exact instructions. Skin type, bodyweight, metabolism regulating speed of skin fading, uv ray exposure, preferred tan level – all that makes impossible to give correct advice on maintenance dose. Everyone will find their own perfect dose and dosing frequency through some trial and error. To not leave you completely disinformed on this subject here is example of loading and maintenance which can be used as starting point where to adjust from: Loading – 0.5mg a day with tanning session every 3rd day, desired skin tone achieved in 10 days.Maintenance – 1mg once a week fallowed by tanning session.



According to scientific study based on animal test subjects, Melanotan II has been shown to work with the pituitary gland to elevate the expression of melanin, which is normally secreted as a response to the exposure to ultraviolet rays in a process known as melanogenesis.  The peptide is able to boost the half-life of the secretion, and it is also able to induce the secretion without the presence of the ultraviolet rays that it would otherwise need to draw out such expression.


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