Quantron IGF-1 LR3


1 vial x  1 mg 

A good starting point for dosing IGF-1 LR3 would be 40mcg per day for up to 5 weeks.



IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor-1) is a major hormonal mediator of statural growth. Under regular circumstances, GH (growth hormone) binds to its receptor in the liver, and other tissues, and stimulates the synthesis/secretion of IGF-1. In target tissues, the Type 1 IGF receptor, that is homologous to the insulin receptor, is activated by IGF-1, leading to intracellular signaling which stimulates multiple processes leading to statural growth. IGF-1 metabolic actions are partly directed at stimulating the uptake of glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids so that metabolism supports growing tissues.


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