Crypto Guide

1: Go to (Cash app)  – and make an account. Use all your real information and do the I.D. verification. The I.D. verification may need to be done several times to work due to the high traffic now on this site for new accounts.

2: Choose your payment method. You can choose bank account online transfer. Best choice. High limits. You can choose debit/credit card. 2nd best choice. Low limits but limits will be raised if you use it enough. Bank wire. Worst choice. Highest limits but the most personal time and expensive.

3: If you plan on ordering from us on line order your bitcoin/crypto ahead of time. Confirm which crypto you wants to use and get a price list, and calculate your order. I would order a little more than you need for fees and what ever you don’t use will be there for your next order. It may even be worth more. Some say it may be worth less too but if you don’t spend it or cash it out it will come back up. Keep in mind that when you first start using coinbase it may take 3-15 days to get your bitcoin/crypto. The more you use it the faster it gets. If you are not able to order enough to pay for your order with your first crypto order you can reorder in 7 days.

4: Once you have enough to pay for your products, place your order with us.

5: You simply log into your coinbase account, copy the wallet/BTC address (you generated) and paste it in the send to section, type the amount, and hit send. In 1 minute I will see it on my end. It may take a little time to fully process but it is there and you get shipped.

You can also buy cryptos at:

Once you get use to it and are keeping coins in your wallet you can order your products, pay for your products, and receive your products without ever leaving your couch.

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